Maggie makes work as a means of absorbing herself into landscape with a particular interest in colour, she takes influence from the wild and vivid tonal palette of the West Penwith moors, skies, and sea. Her paintings are an intuitive response to all she sees and feels with no need for direct representation. She paints with acrylics; ceramic forms are hand-built using coiling and slab building. The unbounded use of mark making is something that can be seen across both disciplines within her practice.

Maggie has been producing work since the 1980’s and has had exhibitions and representation at art fairs in Sussex, London, Bath and Bristol.




2018          Open Studio, Sancreed  

2016          Rostra Gallery, Bath

2016          Open Studio, Sancreed 

2016          Charity Auction, Penzance

2014-15     Rostra Gallery, Bath   

2013          Mid-Cornwall Gallery

2013          Brownston Gallery, Modbury

2013          Cornwall Arts Festival, Trewidden Studios 

2013          Brighton Arts Festival   

2013          Bristol Affordable Art Fair 

2013          Carina Haslam Gallery, Missenden 

2013          Battersea Affordable Art Fair 

2012          Cornwall Arts Festival

2012          Brighton Arts Festival

2012          Carina Haslam Gallery, Missenden

2012          Battersea Affordable Art Fair

2010          Battersea Affordable Art Fair

2009          Limetree Gallery, Bristol 

2009          Brighton Festival Art Trail 

2009          Battersea Affordable Art Fair

2008          Bailey's of Petworth Gallery

2008          Bristol Art Fair

2008          Brighton Festival Open House

2008          Battersea Affordable Art Fair

2007          The Lennox Gallery, Fulham 

2007          Cambridge Art Fair, Jointure Studios

2007          Queen Street Gallery, Emsworth

2006          Showroom 53, Pimlico

2006          Brighton Festival Open House

2005          Brighton Art Fair

2005           Brighton Festival Open House

2004          Grapevine Gallery, Norwich

2004          G. Gallery, Sussex

2004          C.C.A. Farnham

2004          Brighton Festival Open House

2003          G. Gallery, Sussex

2003          B.A.G. Brighton

2002          Lewes Contemporary Art Fair

2002          Brighton Festival Open House

2001          Professions Supplementary to Medicine

                 HQ, London

2000          Brighton Festival Open House


1999          Artist in Residence, Margaret River,  

                                W. Australia 

Permanent Acquisitions 

2005          Haywards Heath Villa Ward, 'Enhancing

                             the Healing Environment Project' 

2005         Southlands & Worthing Hospital, Art in

                Hospital's Project, 

2001         Professions Supplementary to Medicine

                HQ London.


2009         Nominated 'Best Open House', Brighton 

          Festival Art Trail


2007         Winner of 'Best 2D Artist in The Artists

                Open Houses', Unit 03 Gallery, Brighton